How do I know where the flight takes place?

The flying location (start location) depends on the weather conditions. Therefore, we would ask you to call us on the previous day of your flight (about 19.00 in the evening) to confirm the flight and to discuss details.

How dangerous is tandem paragliding?

Due to technical progress and a profound education of pilots paragliding has developed to a very safe sport over the las ten years. The injury rate is around 0.5% which is very low in comparison with other sports.

Furthermore, tandem pilots are very experienced and specially trained to  try to avoid any risks. Therefore, accidents with tandem pilots are much rarer than accidents with hobby pilots.

Which weight should I have?

There is no prescribed weight a passenger must have. But for safety reason a passenger should have 20 to 120kg

Are there age restrictions?

No, there are not. Though minors need a written approval from their parents. There is also no restriction upwards but the medical condition of a passenger must allow a flight. (acute cardiac diseases etc.)

Which clothes are necessary?

This depends on windand weather. In any case you need sturdy, ankle-high shoes. Apart from that a wind proof jacket and long trousers should be sufficient in summer. In winter you can use a ski suit for example. Further, we recommend sunglasses and gloves.

How long does a tandem flight take?

The whole flight with cable car ride, preparations, safety breefing and flight takes between 45 and 60 minutes. The pure flying time is about 15 to 20 minutes.

Do I need any previous knowledge?

No, there is no necessary previous knowledge. We ensure a smooth and safe flow so that you can fully enjoy the experience.

May I bring spectators?

Of course, spectators are invited to watch your start or landing or even both.

May I take picture during the flight with my own camera?

During the flight you have both of your hands free so you can take pictures or videos if you want. But we recommend to have a good hold (or even bind it) onto your camera so that it cannot fall down.

Which weather is suitable for paragliding?

Basically we fly the whole year including winter every time a safe conduction of a tandem flight is possible. There is no need for sunshine to do a tandem flight. We also fly with clouded sky. The wind must not be too strong. We know precisely if it is safe to fly or not so that we can arrange a appointment with you.  Natually, paragliding is very much dependent on the weather like al outdoor sports.

Can I do a tandem flight despite my fear of heights?

Yes. We have noticed that the passengers classic fear of heights like standing on top of a cliff or a bridge has nothing to do with the feeling of flying as you are held upwards during paragliding. Most passengers with fear of height don’t mind paragliding and as a result they can fully enjoy the flight.

Can I do a tandem flight despite my paraplegia?

Yes, paraplegia is no a reason against tandem paragliding. The cable car as well as the start location are barrier-free accessible. We will find an individual solution and help you to get your flight despite paraplegia.