Have you always wanted to experience the wonderful nature from a bird’s eye view, just like an eagle? You only have to meet a few requirements and then you are ready to go…

  • Clothes: please wear clothes that are suitable for the weather conditions for a tandem paragliding flight. This means that you should wear a windproof ski suit in winter, whereas in summer sportswear is sufficient. Please only wear clothes that ensure ease of movement.

  • Sturdy shoes: you will need sturdy, skidproof shoes for take-off and landing and your ankles should preferably be protected.

  • What else do you need? You should also wear sunglasses or ski goggles and a helmet is obligatory. We will provide you with a helmet without any additional costs…

  • You will not have to bring along fun and a good mood because we guarantee that they will accompany your paragliding tandem flight!


There are not many requirements you have to meet to take off with our experienced and qualified tandem pilots. The following requirements, however, have to be fulfilled:

  • Weight: please note that only passengers up to a maximum weight of 120 kilograms can do a tandem paragliding flight.

  • Suitability: you generally have to be mentally and physically fit to participate in a tandem paragliding flight.

  • Age: we do not want to specify a minimum age that a passenger must have acquired. We rather take the time to decide on this matter together with the respective parents. There is also no maximum age.